Glassfiber Geogrids
PP UX geogrid is used Polyproylene(PP) as its material,produced through plate-extruding、punching、heating 、stretching.
After stretching, the geogrid has high strength and elastic modu-lus. is suited to construct highway 、railway 、harbour and be the retaining wall ,dam 、bridge 、steep slope for soil protecting near river and sea port.. By adopting the geogrid to reinforce,it can enhance the loading ability greatly,elongate the engineering lifespan,reduce the occupying area,working convinently, shorten the project plan,lower the construct cost,cut down the maintenace cost.

  • Glassfiber Geogrids-01

  • Glassfiber Geogrids-02

  • Glassfiber Geogrids-03

  • Glassfiber Geogrids-04

  • Glassfiber Geogrids-05

  • Glassfiber Geogrids-06

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